Christmas Day

So, today was Christmas Day which I spent with my mum, dad, brothers Marc and Jeff my niece and sis in law had a nice Christmas which was lovely. I got some fantastic presents necklace, dressing gown and McDonalds teddies all from my other half

I love all the presents I have had so far. We having another Christmas Day when he gets back. The McDonald’s teddies are what they release each year to raise money for their charity which you can find out more about on their website.

The next picture shows you what I got from my brother Marc Which I am going to sit tomorrow and eat yum yum

My sister, brother in law, nieces and nephew got me

which smells just fantastic which I will be using for my next bath/shower.

My brother Jeff, sister in law and niece got me all this


which I cannot wait to start using it all and put my canvas up on the walls and make my cat and last but all my mum and dad got me some lovely Harry Potter stuff

Which I love and at the moment I am wearing the PJs and still debating if I am going to eat and drink any of it but I do love butterbeer from Harry Potter studios. Oh, and they did get me a selection box but I ate it before I could even post a picture.

Mum made a lovely Christmas dinner but didn’t make me any pudding how naughty was she? But I also felt a little sick after my starter and main. I do wish I got more photos. I also helped my niece win at go fish by taking a photo of my mum’s cards and WhatsApp her the picture. Mum was not happy when she found out lol. Well i hope you all had a lovely day and would like to thank everyone for the gifts even if I haven’t listed them here. I am great full for the family and friends I have so, until tomorrow Night everyone and

P.S for a video from today that my brother Marc did click here

Adventure Island

So, on Friday I went to Adventure island in Southend with my Niece Hannah. I had the worst start to the morning I was rudely awaken by a plug hitting my just above my eye, which steals hurts today. We started the day with our breakfast and then went to the town center  with my other half before we went and got on the train. When we got to the train station we only had to wait five minutes for our train to arrive. We decided on the train that we would go for food before we went to the Adventure Island. We both had Chicken sandwiches from my McDonald’s. Hannah ate most of hers.

When we arrived at Adventure island I didn’t think the ques would be as long as they were, but I remembered they have more than one ticket office and walked down to the next ones which wasn’t as busy. We had already paid for are tickets via Basildon Hospital. You get them for half the price and some of the money goes towards the children’s a A&E department. So, all we had to do is hand over the voucher for them to give us are wristbands. I had paid for blue bands, which means we could go on all the rides. We firstly went on Green Scream, which is a roller-coaster for middle band. We had to wait a little while to get on most of the rides, but as the day went on the ques got shorter. Hannah manged to get me on the pirate ship which I hate, but I really enjoyed it. We also went on a ride called vortex. Which I didn’t mind. Normally she can’t get me on too many rides, but she did well this time.
We left the park at about 8pm where we went and got our dinner where she had chicken nugget happy meal and I had a big mac and we both got a cheese burger each to eat on the way to the train station though Hannah saved hers until we got home, but we also, discovered that they had given us an extra one so, I had that when we got home. Hannah was that tired she fell asleep sat up write in between my sofas. I love spending time with my nieces on days out when it’s just the two of us.
Another blog will be up at some point this week about other things that I have been up to so, Bye for now

Saturday 28th March

Hiya all my fantastic readers hope you are all well? I have been very bust unpacking boxes as we gotths good news that we dont have to move, which I am very happy about. Today is the first day of easter half term so, I have my niece Hannah stopping with me until Thursday. Todaywe have been on a bus journey to Southend. We manged to catch the bus my mum and dad was on so, we sat them.  Mum thought I had planned it as we timed it just right to be at the buss stop as it was just down the road. Well I did ring her to see where the bus was. Well in southend we wentfor a coffee with mum and dad and then left them to go shopping on there own. We went of to the sea front and played in the arcade where hannah won these ducks on the 2p machine


So, many ducks. After that we went back up to meet my mum and dad to get the bus back but as we had not eaten yet we decided we would go into basildon and get a McDonald’s then come home. When we finally got home hannah played with her new doll and ducks while I popped to the shop to get milk. Hannah is now in bed so, is mum and david but I cant sleep as have a bit of pain in my side. I am having test to see if my gallbladder is okay as, I suffer from really bad pain in stomach on one side.  It can be that bad it can makeme cry.

Well any way a week today and I am off to see McBusted and I cant wait. Sunday selfie tomorrow and hopefully a short blog as I cannow write these inbed as I have a tab now 🙂 so, until tomorrow night everyone

McFly Royal Albert Hall

Thursday 19th September

So, I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see McFly on their 10th anniversary gigs and got to say it was an amazing night. I went with my partner David. I spent all morning getting ready and was very excited. So, we left for London but we had to go Straford first to go to the Samsung store as david had a voucher to spend with them. After we went for our dinner at McDonalds nothing classy but I wanted to save as much money as I could do get some merchandise. After we went for a walk around the westfield center. We found a gadget store that was selling a talking Ted bear of course from the film ted.

After our walk round it was time to go and get the tube to the Royal Albert hall. When we got there I went straight round the door to the merchandise store where i managed to a t shirt and the program. After we started to walk to find the nearest shop where we spotted Georgia Horsley (Danny Jones girlfriend) I got my photo with her.

Georgia Horsley

 She was so lovely and kind. She also interviewed me and my partner as we have been together the same amount of time McFly have. As we were so long we didn’t go shop instead we went in and went and found the door we had to go through to get into the hall. We had a little wait as the support acts had pulled out. So, I read the program while i waited.

As the doors were anouced they where opening I got really excited I was about to see my faveourite band live (it wasn’t my first I have seen them a few times). So, we went in and saw that we had really good seats.

Royal albert hall

I couldn’t wait for them to start but here are some photos I took before it started.

Royal alber hall 20130919_200435 20130919_200510 20130919_203511


McFly setlist for the night

  1. Saturday Night
  2. surfer babe
  3. obervislay
  4. Room on the third floor
  5. I’ll be okay
  6. I’ve got you
  7. Star Girl when they sang this they showed a video of Chris Moyles asking them to sing his favourite song that he used to play every Friday. When they were singing this I was singing Star bird instead if star girl as this what we sing to our cockatiel star.
  8. Little Joanna Which was the first time McFly have sang this song live and they did it superb
  9. Transylvania which dougie started of by playing the Royal Albert halls Organ which he played well.
  10. One for the radio
  11. Year 3000 they were joined on stage by 2/3 of Busted Matt willis and James Bourne
  12. Air Hostess sang with Busted
  13. Shine a light sang with Busted which I love. I always cry when hearing this song live. It has memories of my cockatiel Quavers who died in 2011 she used to sing along to this song. After this Busted went of stage. then they sang
  14. Love is easy which was their latest single that they have released.
  15. Danny then sang walk in the sun which was amazing I love this song its my all time favourite of theirs.
  16. Tom and danny then sang Not alone. After this danny went of and Tom stayed on and sang a song he had wrote espcilly for the night called
  17. McFly the musical which was amazing it had loads of funny parts i especially liked the bit about
  18. They went on to sing their first ever single 5 colours in her hair.
  19. Then they sang their new song love is on the radio which is a amazing song very catchy.
  20. They went on to sing all about you
  21. and then to finish they sang The heart never lies.

They were amazing one of their best gigs they have done and i wish i could go and live it again. All i can do is look back at the pictures and videos i took. I am now going to post some pictures that i have taken on the night. hope you enjoyed this blog.

Monday 16 September

This morning I did not want to get out of bed. I was very cosy wrapped up in my sleeping bags. Mum made me a bacon, sausage and egg muffin which tasted better than McDonalds muffins. After breakfast we watched some telly and then went for a drive. We first went to tesco to the one in Fakenham. Remember this is the one yesterday we had to leave. The store still smelt like burnt rubber but they had taken the belt of. I managed to get a new book which I will tell you about in a different blog when I have read more of it.


After we went for a drive to Wells but when we got there we decided to go somewhere else as there was nothing there. We decided to go back to Hunstanton as we needed to get my nieces Amber, Hannah and Mia a gift as we all said we would get them something. We found a shop that was open but I couldn’t find anything I wanted to get them from there. Across the road was rock shop so I decided to get them something from there. I got Amber some white mice, Hannah and Mia I got them a stick of bubble gum rock and I spotted chilli flavoured rock so I got my sister Cassie I stick of it has she likes chili’s.


When we got back mum made stew and dumplings which was that nice I had two bowl full. Which is not like me I normal can not manage to eat my first not alone a second helping. After dinner we decided to turn in for the night as we had a busy day tomorrow as we are packing up to go home I know it’s a day early but it is too cold for any of us. So, Until tomorrow night peeps