Check It out Friday

This weeks 3 people of thing i think you should check out

Carrie Hope Fletcher she may be Tom Fletcher’s from McFly’s sister but you gives the best advice ever. I make sure that i watch her videos everytime she post them.

Mightyduck from his website “About me? You guys want to know about me? Ok here it goes lol. I’m MigtyDuck and I got known because of the app “Vine” for my pranking acts. I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am 21 of age”

and these who are all pranksters Arron Crascall and Ben Phillips

McBusted 2015

On April 4th I went to see McBusted at the 02 but as normal we went for food in Stratford first. This time though I had to pop into primark to pick up some shoes as the ones I was wearing were cutting into my feet so, I got myself some new boots which were very comfy. When we arrived at the 02 I went straight to the merchandise stand where I got myself the tour hoodie, the tour programme, omg tin which had stickers a poster and a inflatable hand in it, I also got guitar picks and a cotton bracelet. We also got my mum a cup as we felt guilty for not taking her with me as my partner was well enough to come with me.

When we got into the venue we got some food and a drink and then went to are seats. We didn’t have a bad view from our seats. We were near the b stage so, when they got on the b stage I would have a amazing view. The supports acts where not as good as I thought they might be thats why I cant remember there names lol

McBusted came on stage about 9pm as they were running late. They stage was a giant arcade machine. The set list was as follows

1.Air guitar
2. Hate your guts
3. One for the radio (McFly cover)
4. Thunderbirds are go (Busted cover)
5. Get over it
6. You said no (Busted cover)
7. 3am (Busted cover)
8. What happened to your band?

then on the b-stage which they come down in the back to the future car

9.Air Hostess (Busted cover)
10. What I go to school for (Busted cover)
11. Obviously (McFly cover)
12. Beautiful girls are the loneliest

then it was back to the main stage which they did this by walking back like they wgere getting married with Dougie being the bride and matt being the groom.

13. Crasher the wedding (Busted cover)
14. Riding on my bike. James was riding on his bike across the stage.
15. All about you (McFly cover) which they also did a kiss cam where it pointed to dougies family which where 2 girls and that kissed on camera which made dougie stop playing.
16. Star girl (McFly cover)

And for the encore

17. 5 colours in her hair (McFly cover)
18. Shine a light (McFly Cover)
19. Year 3000 (Busted cover)
Also in this some where they had a battle on the arcade machine playing a wrestling type game.

so that was my night check out the photos below 🙂

McFly Royal Albert Hall

Thursday 19th September

So, I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see McFly on their 10th anniversary gigs and got to say it was an amazing night. I went with my partner David. I spent all morning getting ready and was very excited. So, we left for London but we had to go Straford first to go to the Samsung store as david had a voucher to spend with them. After we went for our dinner at McDonalds nothing classy but I wanted to save as much money as I could do get some merchandise. After we went for a walk around the westfield center. We found a gadget store that was selling a talking Ted bear of course from the film ted.

After our walk round it was time to go and get the tube to the Royal Albert hall. When we got there I went straight round the door to the merchandise store where i managed to a t shirt and the program. After we started to walk to find the nearest shop where we spotted Georgia Horsley (Danny Jones girlfriend) I got my photo with her.

Georgia Horsley

 She was so lovely and kind. She also interviewed me and my partner as we have been together the same amount of time McFly have. As we were so long we didn’t go shop instead we went in and went and found the door we had to go through to get into the hall. We had a little wait as the support acts had pulled out. So, I read the program while i waited.

As the doors were anouced they where opening I got really excited I was about to see my faveourite band live (it wasn’t my first I have seen them a few times). So, we went in and saw that we had really good seats.

Royal albert hall

I couldn’t wait for them to start but here are some photos I took before it started.

Royal alber hall 20130919_200435 20130919_200510 20130919_203511


McFly setlist for the night

  1. Saturday Night
  2. surfer babe
  3. obervislay
  4. Room on the third floor
  5. I’ll be okay
  6. I’ve got you
  7. Star Girl when they sang this they showed a video of Chris Moyles asking them to sing his favourite song that he used to play every Friday. When they were singing this I was singing Star bird instead if star girl as this what we sing to our cockatiel star.
  8. Little Joanna Which was the first time McFly have sang this song live and they did it superb
  9. Transylvania which dougie started of by playing the Royal Albert halls Organ which he played well.
  10. One for the radio
  11. Year 3000 they were joined on stage by 2/3 of Busted Matt willis and James Bourne
  12. Air Hostess sang with Busted
  13. Shine a light sang with Busted which I love. I always cry when hearing this song live. It has memories of my cockatiel Quavers who died in 2011 she used to sing along to this song. After this Busted went of stage. then they sang
  14. Love is easy which was their latest single that they have released.
  15. Danny then sang walk in the sun which was amazing I love this song its my all time favourite of theirs.
  16. Tom and danny then sang Not alone. After this danny went of and Tom stayed on and sang a song he had wrote espcilly for the night called
  17. McFly the musical which was amazing it had loads of funny parts i especially liked the bit about
  18. They went on to sing their first ever single 5 colours in her hair.
  19. Then they sang their new song love is on the radio which is a amazing song very catchy.
  20. They went on to sing all about you
  21. and then to finish they sang The heart never lies.

They were amazing one of their best gigs they have done and i wish i could go and live it again. All i can do is look back at the pictures and videos i took. I am now going to post some pictures that i have taken on the night. hope you enjoyed this blog.

Friday 13 September

Today is the first full day on holiday. Last night I slept well until I rolled over and fell out of the air bed. So, I decided when we got back from Hunstanton would rearrange mine and Nana’s room. Today we started our day be having mum cook breakfast. She made me an egg, sausage and bacon muffin which was yummy. We sat in the tent watching a bit of telly before we jumped in the car to go on our journey to Hunstanton.

When we got there we parked the car on the seafront car park. Which I got to say the view was nice better than the view of fields we had all morning from the tent. There was not much at Hunstanton just a few shops that we walked around. After we finished walking round the shops we went and had some lunch. Dad got us all sausage and chips except Marc who only had a cup of tea.

Once we had all eaten we went and sat on the seafront for a little while. Marc used my camera to take some pictures but said my camera was rubbish. after we had finished looking at the sea we decided to head back to the car as we needed to head to tesco as marc needed to get some bits and bobs.
While at Tesco I got a book called “Minding Frankie By Maeve Binchy” which I am looking forward to reading. First I got to finish reading “Unsaid things By McFly” I will write about this book after I have finished reading it. So, now back at the tent waiting for my dinner. We are having curry, hopefully it’s not spicy as I hate spicy food.

When dinner was ready I decided I didn’t want any as I wasn’t feeling great. After dinner we popped into the pub. We did not have to go far as we were staying behind it. it was called “The Green Man Inn” Its was a nice pub and was not very busy dad decided that we would have dinner in here on the sunday. After we finished at the pub we all decided it was time to turn in and go to bed so night peeps.

Monday 9th September

So today i finally got my new doctors which is good now means if I get ill I got somewhere to go but I am not happy as my phone screen got broken on the way home. Well it got broke by some person on a push bike who knocked my phone out my hand its going to cost me a lot to get that fixed. Forgot say the person didn’t stop to see if I was okay. after all that had happened I made this 

Hat Snapshot_20130909_2 been told it suits me but I don’t think it does. I was actually making a cowl but managed to change it into a hat.




As Well as making this hat I listened to some music which made me realize there is only 10 days till I go see McFly at the Royal Albert Hall which I am very excited for not just listening to McFly I was also listening to The Cameleonz Marcus and Lis who I actually miss a lot listening to they are two amazing people who I hope make big one day as i think they deserve it. they are the most friendliest people I have ever met. I love everything about them please if u get a chance please check them out just search The Cameleonz on YouTube and Facebook.

well that is all I have done today hopefully in a better mood tomorrow night peeps