New year not a new start

Normally people start the new year with a new start like saying i am going to lose weight, start the gym and all that kind of stuff. Not me i decided to start the year with freezing my gym membership until march to let the crowds go down with all the people that drop out by then and also save me some money until then. Though this month didnt happen as my gym still tried to take the full amount instead of contacting me to tell me my freeze didnt go through correctly lucky bank recalled it and gym is sorting it out.

I went out for new year with some great friends who i am happy to call my friends we have actully helped me through 2016 and i hope they help me througb 2017. I have alot of fears that i cant seem to get over and i don’t think i ever will but with the help of those i love and are there for me i hope i will.

So, i hope everyone so far having a good 2017 (which i am still finding it hard to think that another year has been and gone) and it keeps being a good year for you

Bye for now

Oh and sorry if any grammer or spelling mistakes i am writing from my phone and doesnt have a checker.

Happy new year

happy new year to you all.

so, yesterday I got my new phone. I went for the note 4 and i got to say I already Love it. Last night me and david went out for new year I managed to drink a whole bottle of wine in a hour and half aswell as a Malibu andcoke and a glass of champagne.

tomorrow I have got my nieces Amber and Hannah coiming to stop for the night. Amber’s first sleep over and I can not wait 🙂 Not to sure what we are going to do yet but part of it involves going tothe park and feeding the ducks.

I would also like to thank David for looking after me Last night. I have also decided I am not drinking wine ever again. It turns me into a motion wreck lol

wellI am goingto leave thishere now and will write again tomorrow. Night night everyone

was leaving this until sunday but I will share now

me Last night

me Last night