2 week Blog

Sorry my blog is late with me not being well I have not had a chance to write anything but I am thinking of going back to a daily blog as I do think sometimes I forget when I am meant to post my blog so starting tomorrow you should start seeing my blog daily again but if I do miss a day it’s either because I forgot or nothing interesting to say and I maybe ill which I would tell you about in my next blog if I was. Well enough of me just going on and on.

So, this week I haven’t done much as from my light-headedness then to my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) playing up. My IBS gives me so much pain and I have not had an attack for months so I have no medication for it so, i am just waiting for the course to run but have said to myself I will give it couple more days if not better I will go to the doctors and get it sorted.

I have started going to my library to get some books on crocheting so I can learn more stitches and patterns. I have made two bookmarks Bookmark BookmarkI can’t remember what book this was from but I can remember how to do the pattern its the only pattern I liked from that book. I am thinking opening an online store somewhere to sell some of my stuff I make but I don’t think anyone would buy any and I am still learning. I am going to do a blog just on my crocheting projects I have done so you can see what I have done and what I have liked about doing that project. I have also reserved myself about 5 more crocheting books from the library. I don’t think crocheting is a hobby any more I think it’s an obsession. I want to also find a cockatiel pattern as I really want to make one.

As you will know I have 5 cockatiels and one of the gave us such a fright this week. We just put them back in after their flight out when my partner looked in the cage to see that star was covered in bloodStar Star Bird

My partner quickly got her out and we straight away spotted where it was coming from. It was coming from her toe so we applied pressure to make it stop after it stopped we bathed her foot and then kept an eye on her as for a bird her size to lose just a teaspoon of blood could kill her and we definitely didn’t want that after losing Sheldon. She has recovered fully and acting like her normal cuddly self.

Well that’s all for this weekly blog remember I am going back weekly so I will be posting tomorrow so till then take care everyone

Sunday 8th September

Well what can I say about today not much really as I hardly did anything. First I started with watching the omnibus of “Eastenders” that program is getting really boring I don’t know why I watch it. After I watched that I put a film on while I did some crocheting. The film I decided to watch was “Monsters inc” I love this film it reminded when I was a kid. I always thought there was a monster living under my bed but in “Monsters inc” the monster comes out the cupboard.

Any way enough talk with the film today I managed to finish my hat 🙂 it doesn’t fit me so I am guessing I did it a little bit too small but when I have more time I am going to have ago at doing it again but following the other instructions to see if I can make it bigger the picture of the hat be at the bottom of this blog. I hope you all like my hat. I also learnt how to do a new crocheting stitch called the  reverse single crochet which is just doing a normal single crochet but backwards.

After I finished making my hat I decided I was hungry so I made myself some dinner which all I did was open a tin of meatballs and cook some pasta but I was really hungry and it was the quickest thing I could think of making for myself today. After dinner we let the birds out for a quick fly and to let them eat there spaghetti that I had made them. As on their cage they have a little play area which we use to put food on for them.

Well tomorrow I am off to the doctors as I am registering as a new patient so I actually have a doctors I have been waiting over a month to get into this doctors as they were fully booked and staff on annual leave so I will be glad when that is done also going to ask them about this bump I have on my thumb but I bet it goes by tomorrow not just that I think I have done it while I been crocheting with the rubbing of the wool.

right so I better go to bed I am really tired hat pictures below please ignore the fact I put the hat on a teddy all I could find

what it should looked like
what it should looked like
what it looks like
what it looks like

hat hat