Thursday 25 November

Today I had my first crocheting club where I tried to teach them how to do a magic loop. Which is what you use when making toys. I use it to make granny squares as I can close the whole of in the middle. It took a while but I think most of them got it and some have told me they have been using a YouTube video I posted on the crocheting page. I am taking crocheting with me tomorrow so, I have something to do on the train tomorrow as I am off to sunny Rhyl for their christmas lights switch on. Which I can not wait for. Really looking forward in seeing Cherrybomb so, look out for and day out blog soon.


I am taking a tab with me so, I should be able to put a blog up tomorrow. I will be up early and ready to go. I have made tuna, sweetcorn, mayo and pasta for the train. I was going to make sandwiches but if the sandwich goes soggy I will not eat it and I will just be very hungry. I will not eat until I get to the last train to Wales as I sometimes suffer from travel sickness and I don’t fancy being sick. Just hope I sleep tonight and get up on time in the morning.


I have also had my niece Mia round who spent her time playing sims 4. She is so funny playing that game she shouts at the game like they are actually in the room with her. She’s even tells them off when they’re not doing as they are told. She also told me she has been reading my blogs. So, Hi Mia. Well I better go and go to bed so, I am up early tomorrow. Bye bye for now.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Just so you all know it’s a month today until christmas eve :).


Today I have been sorting out things on my blog as well as doing the school pick up and dropping her of home. We also found out last night that are tumble dryer is on the recall list which you can check out that blog here. Where its got the link to check out if yours is one that needs fixing. It has really put us of using ours. Even though they have said its fine to use as long as you sit and watch it when it’s on. The fluff in the fluff draw could catch on something and catch alight. Which is not good and in a small kitchen like I have got it could easy cause the whole kitchen to go up so quickly.


My nerves are setting in big time for tomorrow morning for my first crocheting club. Yeah I did that meet up yesterday to get ideas but I have a feeling I am going to duck up some how. I got to find all the things I have made so, I can show people tomorrow on what they can learn to do. We are starting with making granny squares which is one of the main things I learnt to do first. I am also going to find stickers so people can write their names on so, I don’t have to keep asking whats your name all the time. I remember some from yesterday but not all of them but I am no good with names at all.


I am off to the gym soon to take part in my aerobics class. It’s my first one back since my operation and not sure how it’s going to go. I also need to talk to the teacher as I keep getting pain in the bottom of my foot. I am just hoping that does not happen to-night as, it can really hurt. Tomorrow I have my crocheting club in the morning, my niece is here after school and then I got to get ready for Thursday as, I am of to see Cherrybomb at Rhyl’s christmas lights switch on. I can’t wait to see them. I may not get a chance to do a blog on Thursday but I will do it on Friday so, there will be two blogs instead of the one just to make up for you missing Thursdays.


I am defiantly feeling the cold recently or it’s just really cold. I have my heating on and I am still cold. Maybe its just where I am sitting but it’s defiantly cold which I don’t like. Makes me want to just get in pjs and wrap up in my duvet and watch films on tv. Maybe I could do this at the weekend not sure if I got anything to do this weekend. If I get a chance I may go for a walk to get some photos. It’s much easier to do when I haven’t got my nieces with me as they make a racket which scares the wildlife off. Right I better go and get ready for the gym. Bye until tomorrow