Tiring day

Today I woke up all achy and with the biggest headache. This all started last night when I went bed with a sore throat so, we went out this morning to get something for my throat. I got black currant flavoured soothers. Which are nice. When we got back I sorted my bedroom out while i waited for my niece Amber to arrive. We decided we would take her out for dinner so, we gave her a choice and being a 3 year old she chose to go to Burger King. It was nice but bit disappointing as you know have to pay for most of your sauces but still give you a massive hand full of tomatoe ketchup. We then decided to ring my brother Jeff to see if he was at home so, we could take Amber over to see him which she really enjoyed. When we got back we facetimed my other brother Marc so Amber could talk to her sister Hannah as Hannah is stopping at my mums. Now Amber is asleep snorring her head off and I am wondering to myself how can I move her slightly without waking her so, I can have a little bit more bed oh and how can a 3 year old take up so much room? Any way I better go to sleep as no doubt she will have me up bright and early good night everyone

Wednesday Illness

I have spent most of my day feeling so ill and not being able to eat but I have been keeping my fluid intake but I have managed to eat this afternoon which is good. I should be back to normal by tomorrow morning. Though I have cancelled going to the gym just to be on the safe side.

I played Sims 4 for a little bit to try to keep myself from falling asleep.  I do need to get myself a USB mouse as I am finding it hard with my laptop mouse it’s very sensitive. Unless I can found the setting to turn it down. Since the graphic card setting program installed itself it has picked the better settings for Sims 4 so, they are a lot better.

This evening I have watched Eastenders and the storyline at the moment is about Kat having twins when she had Zoe. I don’t get why you wouldn’t know you have given birth to two children I really don’t get it. Oh well they can do a lot of things in soaps like bring people back from the dead and much more. We have been watching Mr Bean since Eastenders has finished. You can’t beat a bit of Mr Bean, I remember watching this when I was a kid and I can be very emotional. We were watching the episode where Mr Bean’s car gets run over by the tank and for some reason when I was a kid it just made me cry. Looking back to that now I always say to myself why did you cry it was just a car.

I feel like I am just waffling on in this blog today. I am going to finish this one here and go and finish my one on my cockatiels so keep a look out for that one it should be up in next couple of hours or tomorrow. Good night my follow readers

Not well

Today I have not been feeling too well I was sick this morning and then something set my ibs off this afternoon. It’s been one of them days where I have spent some of the day asleep on the sofa. It has just come to me tomorrow evening I can take my plasters and the strips off so, I will finally get to see my cuts underneath but I am thinking of leaving it till Wednesday but I will see how I feel tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to my mums for dinner. I did spend most of it on marcs PlayStation playing big little planets with hannah. Who looked after me I didn’t even ask her but she went off and got me a drink. Hoping by friday I have more movement in me as I am off away to wales to see my friends which I can’t wait for. I also finished a penguin I was making will post pictures at the end of the blog. My cockatiels all 6 of them are doing great my partner made a toll roll tub tower before and Mr pippa decided to fly into and knock it down. Well I am going to leave this here and do some more crocheting I am actually finishing a blanket I was making ages ago. So, bye bye for now


Operation Update

My operation went well. Though all I can remember is going down at about 9:30am and been woken up at about 11:30am. When I got back to the day unit all I wanted to do was sleep so, they left me to sleep to come round more before offering me any food that I couldn’t eat as my throat was so sore. They gave me a lot of juice to drink which I think they are regretting as, before I was due to go home they gave me a jelly to eat and I only took one sniff and I was sick i covered the unit that was in front of me. they gave me some water to sip before I was called to go I was told to try and eat when I got home and that is what I did. I forgot to mention they gave me my gallstones in a tube to keep. to me they look like maltesers. They will be 2 pictures at the end of the blog just in case you want to see what holes i have which are covered and the gallstones just incase you have never seen any before.

Today I have just been resting on the sofa and I have eaten more then I have been from sandwich to chocolate and even crisps. I had a little nap earlier now i am watching my soaps then i am going to have a early night. while my other half watched the football. Well I am going to leave it here and hopefully get more post up soon until then here are the pictures i said I was posting

My gallstones