Lazy Friday

How is everyone? I have woke up today in a happy mood today. Could be that I didn’t have to be up early to give my Lola (cockatiel) her medication today as she finished it yesterday. I didn’t tell you cause I wasn’t blogging much but Lola had a little bit of a yeast infection which we are hoping has now cleared. She is a lot happier bird.

So, far today I have watched some of Pointless blogs YouTube videos as I have only been watching him recently. I am trying to watch his recently videos and watch back his old video. I just think he is so sweet and so down to earth in his video’s. I also watch his girlfriends Zoella’s who is good to if you have not heard of them and want to find them just search their names on YouTube and you will find them.

Oh and also may have forgotten to say Cherrybomb girls has 2 songs out on iTunes which you can get here. The songs will cost you 79p each they are both covers. The first cover they put up was Just a dream which i just love the song was originally made by Nelly but I love Cherrybomb girls better and then they put up Love & hate collide which I just love it was orignal done by Def Leppard but yet again I really do prefer Cherrybomb girls version. Cherrybomb Girls have also but a music video up of their own song called same old ground which you can see below

I really like this song and its very catchy and there harmonies are amazing. I also like the video it goes so well with the song. The next thing I will be doing is trying to write the song lyrics out so, we can all learn the lyrics.

I should have titled this blog follow friday. I will but the links to the people I have mentioned in this blog at the end so, if you want to check them out you can. I have got to pop out and go and pick some flowers up for the bouquet we our making which hopefully a blog about that will be up some point sunday if I get a chance to write it as I am off to see my niece Mia in a dance competition. Which is going to be fun. So, going to leave it here the links will be bellow this so, bye everyone (maybe be blog later)


Pointless Blog








Cherrybomb Girls




Back to writing blogs

Sorry I have been quiet in my blog writing I could blame it on being busy which I have been with christmas and New year. I have started writing a blog about my cockatiels which should be up soon. I just got to finish writing it. Today I have been looking after my niece Mia as she has had an inset day at school. She spent time on my PlayStation and on my computer playing sims 4 before we headed of to the gatehouse cafe. Today was crocheting club day. We have a new member join us today which was great. I also went to the gym this evening. Today’s class was Zumba which was really good. I have an issue with my lower back at the moment which I have had since christmas day eve and was worse on boxing day but as I thought oh my back feels much better today I will attempted Zumba today I now actually say it went okay I got a few twinges in it at the end. I will see how it is when I get up in the morning.


I am actually wondering if in a couple of weeks should I go back to spin class. Well if I can get in the gym has gone very busy again due to everyone’s new years resolutions. Mine this year is just to eat healthier. Which I am going to do once there is no more chocolate in this flat. I haven’t seen my mum since Christmas day but this is cause she’s been ill with a cold/flu and 2 infections and I don’t want to catch them so, I am staying away but GET BETTER SOON MUM. She always seems to get something this time of year. I have been lucky and only had a slight cold before Christmas.

Roll on Wednesday when I should get my new laptop. The one I am using is slowly dying and I did break it a little when I dropped it on the floor so, when it closes it closes wonky. I am not going to drop my new one but it can’t be bad as I have been down the stairs on a laptop before. It was an accident I was going to meet my mum and dad outside my flat when I lived in Rhyl when I turned to my partner “be careful the stairs are slippery” a second later a fell down the stairs from top to bottom on my laptop. My partner didn’t know whether to laugh or come and help me. Lucky he did both and helped me up. We didn’t think to check the laptop until I got into car. When I checked it my laptop screen was okay and everything was okay apart from my back.


Well I am getting sleepy so, should really go to bed before I fall asleep and sorry this is up so late I get easy distracted when writing blogs. Anyway Night everyone and if you would like please check out my YouTube channel I have started posting gaming videos from when I play the Playstation. Night everyone

Saturday 5th December

20 sleeps until christmas


Sorry I posted on Wednesday that I would blog on thursday but I have been in so much pain with my foot it’s been a nightmare but all I have to remember is that come Monday hopefully it will be sorted. Thursday I didn’t do much. I got a new coat from Sainsbury’s which was a bargain it was marked half price and then they also gave me 25% off so, I only paid £15 for my coat which is very warm. It will keep me warm this winter.  This weather is changing and getting colder.


Today we have been to my nieces to help her but her christmas trees up. While we listened to some christmas music to get in the christmas mood. I know up the top it says 20 sleeps that’s cause I haven’t been to sleep yet I should really head to bed as its 00:30 in the morning.


This evening all I have done is chilled and listened to some music on soundcloud and YouTube. Talking about YouTube and just incase you missed it CherryBomb have uploaded a new cover video which I will post at the bottom. I also found Charlie Puth YouTube I wish I knew about him before he did the song Marvin Gaye with Meghan Trainor. He is really good. If you not heard of him just serach his name in YouTube.


Right I am of to bed night everyone below is the video of cherrybomb.


Check Out Friday

So, check out Friday is back and I Have decided bring this back so, I hope you enjoy it being back.

The first I would like you check out and I maybe going on about these quite a lot as they are my favourite girl trio at the moment. I just can’t get enough of CherryBomb. They are so, down to earth and very friendly. There harmonies are just amazing. With some of their covers I prefer them to the original artist. You can find out more about them on their website , On their twitter, on Facebook and also on soundcloud. I have also got videos of them on my YouTube channel and also on their YouTube. I really hope you follow them. They do random YouNow chats to so, Keep an eye out on their YouTube. Just listening to these girls bring me out of the bad patches I go through. You can also see other blogs I have written here about them cherrybomb and Question and Answers.


The second person I would like you check out may be my brother Marc but he is also a good singer. He has also wrote his own books which are free to download. So, check him out on twitter, his website and YouTube. I forgot to mention as well he has album out on Itunes just search Marc Corn. Its called spirit within and all money goes to charity. You can also find it on Spotify and deezer.


The last person I will like you to check out is Ben Phillips. He is a prankster and I find him very funny. He is always pranking his brother Elliot. I always like when Elliot clicks on when you hear Elliot shout out to ben “WHY YOU RECORDING” and then loses his temper with his brother. Ben’s pranks have included turning his brother blue, telling him had eaten his nans toe nails and many more. You can see them on his Facebook here.


I hope you have enjoyed getting to know these. Check back next Friday for 3 new check out Fridays 🙂

Check out Friday

Welcome to another Check it out Friday. This week I have been thinking hard on which three people you should go and check out, but I think I have now got my 3

The first I would like you to check out is a girl band made up of six sister’s called Cimorelli. They have been together since 2007. They started of by doing cover songs and have also done their own songs. The members are Christian (24), Katherine (23), Lisa (22), Amy (20), Lauren (16) and Dani (15). They do other videos to like craft videos. You can check them out on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I found them when they did a cover song with the next person I am going to tell you about.

Matthew David Morris aka “MattyB” is a 12-year-old pop singer/rapper from Atlanta, GA. He was born on January 6, 2003. Since beginning his music career at age 7, he has quickly become an Internet superstar with more than 2 Billion video views and 5 million YouTube subscribers. His social media consists of over 8 million followers on Facebook & Twitter combined. I found him by someone on my Facebook posting a video. if you would like to check him out YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

The last person i think you should go and check out is one of my best friends Jennie. She is a blog writer to. She is hopefully soon be doing a lot more blogs on her life, beauty, photography and food. Which I am looking forward to as the blogs she has written so, far are really good. So, go check her out. Click here and please send her some love to.

So, that is my three people for this week. See you all again next week

Wednesday 11 September

Well today I have once again waited in for these removal men and they have not turned up again. They started to really make me angry why say you will turn up then don’t turn up. It’s also been a day my other half spent the day on the phone as he is trying to upgrade his contract so I can have a phone but they saying the address is not matching with the bank but it does so there doing my head in two.


Anyway enough with that tomorrow I am off on holiday and as I write this blog I still have not packed think its going to be a late one for me as I seem to be doing other things then packing. At least I didn’t have to cook dinner David decided get takeaway while we were in town as we went to Iceland again as I got drinks for in the car on my journey tomorrow though it’s not far but we got to go via Cambridge to pick my nana up. I am looking forward to this holiday as I get to spend some time with my brother Marc which I don’t do often anymore as we live apart as he at my sis Cassie and I have my own flat.


At the moment while I am writing I am listening to my favourite song Should I Stay by The Cameleonz I do love this song I remember when I first heard it I was like this is amazing it is a very catchy tune and I can not wait till they release more songs. I especially love Ghost of a lullaby I have only heard this live once and loved it. When I saw them I recorded them singing and I put it on YouTube just search there the Cameleonz and you should find all their fab videos. I am hoping one day they make it big and sorry if I am repeating myself from one my other blogs but I love these guys they are my idols.


well anyway I better go off and pack and I am sorry if I don’t get to do I daily blog or if it’s a day late gotta wait till I can get internet as we have none in our tent lol so till my next blog all take care.